The Sleep dart Gun and the Non-Lethal war

THink of the world we live inexternal image ak47.jpg, one full of guns and death. I bet that now the average kid can not only name at least three guns but has also fired one.
Our world is becoming consumed by war and we are killing eachother off fast.

Is there a way to change things
Using a mixture of sedatives and darts
Using more emps, Gas based, flash bang or perhaps the creation of a bomb that takes away conscienceness from people hit by it to sedate the people and weapons and objects they may use.

external image 222439918_ef3f230ddf_m.jpgUsing Native American Technology we may also regrow the bond between our original peoples and today.

We can truelly be a country supporting the life of the people while maintainint peace and order

external image bp40492.jpg

external image a50spd100.jpg
Now we may even remove our need for gunpowder by making the missile air/gas operated by making use of blowdart technology.
With a blowdart, not only are the sounds significantly muffled but there is a rediculous amount of room for ammo in a single ammo pack

external image Poison_Dart_frog_wmark.jpgAnd when there does need killing, a poisondart frog would be an appropiate use external image death_adder_wideweb__470x306,0.jpg

Also we may use certain venoms to cause Paralysis like Death-adder venom.
"However, in humans, the only major effect of this venom appears to be post synaptic neurotoxic paralysis." (

external image Meranti.gifIn all, blowdarts will be much more cost efficient since we use renewable resources, like snake venom or poison dart frog venom
-I'm sure we can also make wooden darts using Iron wood making the ammo completely renewable allowing us to use metal for moreimportant things like houses and interplanetary discoveries.

In all a blowdart gun is better, holds more ammo, more effective since you can be hit anywhere and non lethal which is good when your trying to protect the lives of not just the civilians but the crminal also

The Legal Sides of The non-lethal Gun
Currently our government is suppose to stand for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Clearly life is not a part of this, for there have been numerous testimonies of Police officers murdering the citizens of the united staes, sometimes by accident and with what a police officer thought was a gun was a cellphone or even a babyruth bar. It's these types of situations that make this a worthwhile.

Costs of ammo and gun
Tree Growth costs (two trees cultivates, a sturdy wood for the gun and a splintering wood for the ammo)
Poison Cultivation Costs (from frogs, snakes and other assorted animals that deliver types of toxins)
Ammo, Posion and weapon Manufacturing Costs

The gun for the most part is a renewable resource